Hematology In the Department of Medicine

The Laboratory of Professor James L. Zehnder, MD

James Zehnder and Carol Jones

Dr. James Zehnder is Associate Professor of Pathology and Medicine (Hematology) at Stanford University Medical Center, where he is the director of the coagulation laboratory; co-director of the molecular diagnosis laboratories, medical director of the anticoagulation clinic, attending physician in the thrombosis and bleeding disorders clinic, and associate director of the transfusion service.

Clinical Laboratories

  1. The Special Coagulation Laboratory at Stanford is a fully-equipped reference laboratory offering comprehensive coagulation testing, including functional and antigenic clotting factor assays, platelet aggregometry and consultation for evaluation of bleeding disorders.

  2. The Molecular Diagnosis Laboratory offers PCR-based diagnostic testing for inherited thrombophilias and hematolymphoid malignancy. In addition to standard PCR amplification and electrophoretic equipment, the laboratory has an ABI7700 (TaqMan) Quantitative PCR system and an ABI 310 automated DNA sequencer.

Clinical Interests

Diagnosis, clinical management and laboratory investigation of patients with thrombotic and bleeding disorders.

Research Projects

  1. Quantitative assessment of residual disease in patients with hematolymphoid malignancies following therapeutic interventions

  2. Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with cardiovascular disease risk and drug toxicity

  3. Molecular definition and biochemical characterization of mutations causing coagulation factor deficiencies in affected families

  4. Human gene therapy for hemophilia B (coagulation factor IX deficiency)

  5. Medication adherence optimization for patients on oral anticoagulation therapy

  6. Placental gene expression profiling and pregnancy outcome

Recent publications

Hursting MJ, Zehnder JL, Joffrion JL, Becker JC, Knappenberger GD, Schwarz RP: The international normalized ratio (INR) during concurrent warfarin and argatroban anticoagulation: Differential contributions of each agent and the choice of thromboplastin used. Clin Chem 1999; 45:409-12.

Kohler S, Zehnder JL. Use of the polymerase chain reaction in evaluation of cutaneous T-cell infiltrates. Dermatol Clin 1999; 17:657-66.

Zehnder JL, Hiraki DD, Jones C, Gross N, Grumet FC. Familial coagulation factor V deficiency caused by a novel 4 base pair insertion in the factor V gene: Factor V Stanford. Thromb Haemost 1999; 82:1097-9.

Olsson K, Gerard C, Zehnder JL, Jones, C, Ramanthan R, Reading C, Hanania EG. Real-time bcl-1 and bcl-2 PCR provides enhanced sensitivity and quantitative assessment of minimal residual disease for I/II clinical trial and ex vivo tumor spiking model. Leukemia 1999; 13:833-42.

Johnson PW, Swinbank K, MacLennan S, et al. Variability of polymerase chain reaction detection of the bcl-2-IgH translocation in an international multicentre study. Ann Oncol 1999, 11:1349-54

Zehnder JL, Galli SJ. Mast Cell Heparin Demystified. Nature (News and Views),1999; 400:714-5.

Ranheim EA, Jones C, Zehnder JL, Warnke R, Yuen A. Spontaneously relapsing clonal, mucosal T-cell lymphoproliferative disorder. Am J Surg Pathol 2000; 24:296-301.

Kohler S, Jones CD, Warnke RA, Zehnder JL. Heteroduplex analysis of T-cell receptor g gene rearrangement in paraffin embedded skin biopsies. Am J Dermatopathol 2000; 22: 321-327

Contact Information

Office: H1402, Stanford Hospital
Phone: 650 723 9232
Fax: 650 723 9178

Research Lab: R215, Stanford Medical School
Mailing address: Department of Pathology, L235
Stanford University Medical Center
Stanford, CA 94305-5112

Natkunam Y, Warnke RA, Zehnder JL, Jones CD, Milatovich-Cherry A, Cornbleet PJ. Blastic/blastoid transformation of follicular lymphoma: immunohistologic and molecular analysis of five cases. Am J Surg Pathol 2000 4: 525-34

Higgins JPT, van de Rijn M, Jones CD, Zehnder JL, Warnke RA. Peripheral T cell lymphoma complicated by a proliferation of large B cells. Am J Clin Pathol 2000 114:236-247

Ranheim EA, Jones CD, Zehnder JL. Sensitive detection of clonal immunoglobulin rearrangements in frozen and fixed tissues by polymerase chain reaction heteroduplex analysis. Diagn Mol Pathol 2000; 9: 177-183

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